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June 30, 2015
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July 30, 2015

Our BBQ Pulled Pork Pizza is Smokin’

BBQ Pulled Pork pizza

Barbecue lovers can now enjoy tender and juicy pulled pork on your favorite thin crust pizza. Our new BBQ Pulled Pork Pizza will be available throughout July and August at our 27 open locations across California, Texas, Utah, South Dakota, and Minnesota.

The seasonal pizza starts with our original homemade dough, proofed for 24 hours. After a swirl of sweet and savory BBQ sauce and a generous sprinkling of all-natural buffalo milk blend cheese, the pizza is topped off with 12-hour slow-smoked pulled pork that’s infused with a natural Applewood flavor. Freshly chopped red onions and jalapenos finish off the Roman-style thin and crispy pizza. Check out the limited time seasonal special here:

The BBQ Pulled Pork Pizza is the perfect summertime treat if you’re craving your favorite barbecue but want to skip the hours of grilling in the backyard. Get it while it’s smokin’!