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May 23, 2016
PizzaRev Pesto Primavera
PizzaRev is a Proud Recipient of the 2016 HALO Award
June 13, 2016

Dough it Right!

Pizza dough

How do you dough it? A completely customized pizza experience is all about crafting a pizza just how you like it – and that includes choosing a crust that’s right for you.

We love each of our 3 crust options equally, but you get to decide which is your favorite! With the introduction of Double Dough, we have three crust options:

Signature Thin – our award-winning Roman style crust is made in-house daily, never frozen. Our 900 degree stone-bed oven fires the crust to thin and crispy perfection in just 3 minutes!

Double Dough – exactly what it sounds like, this thicker crust option is twice the dough of our Signature Thin crust. Perfect for pizza lovers that want a bit more doughy goodness to hold all their favorite toppings.

Gluten-Free – guests say our gluten-free crust is among the best they’ve ever had! Thin and crispy, like our Signature Thin, but without the gluten. We source the dough from the Venice Bakery, a family owned business that has produced some of the finest gluten-free pizza crusts for over 60 years!