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December 6, 2016
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Craft Consciously – 4 Tips for a Healthier Pizza

So you’ve decided to be more conscious about what you eat. We’re in full support! Craft consciously by using our nutrition calculator to build a healthier pizza that fits into you diet and workout plan. In fact, there are endless ways to build a PizzaRev pizza under 500 calories!

Instead of depriving yourself of a deliciously satisfying PizzaRev experience, consider these four simple tips for building a low-cal pizza.

Four Tips for Building a Low-Cal Pizza:

1. Keep It Thin – Deep dish, stuffed crust – forget about it. One slice of these thick pizzas can equal 3-4 times the calories of a thin crust slice. Choose our Signature Thin dough to keep the carbs and calories on the low.

2. Sauce It Red – Tomato sauce is always the best bet to keep your calories in check. PizzaRev’s organic tomato sauce features just 35 calories per serving – and one serving at PizzaRev is an entire, 11” personal pizza!

3. Easy on the Cheese – When you choose a thin-crust pizza, you don’t have to load on the cheese. Stick to a single layer and choose our reduced-fat mozzarella with buffalo milk. You’ll still get the yummy, melty goodness without the excess calories.

4. Toppings Matter – Don’t go overboard and stick to lean proteins and veggies. If you’re craving meats, choose smoked ham or grilled chicken instead of pepperoni or Italian sausage. The good news is that you can go wild with 20+ veggie options at PizzaRev. From roasted garlic and sun-dried tomatoes to pepperoncinis and spinach, endless vegetable combinations can turn your pizza into a nutritious meal full of nutrients and flavor.

Pizza gets a bad rap and is often lumped into the fast-food or junk-food category. But by choosing a thin-crust pizza with healthier toppings, it’s easy to turn pizza a well-balanced meal. Tell us about the toppings you chose to build a healthier pizza.

 by Monica Rutkowski


  1. sfreddson2156 says:

    These are some great tips! I never realized that thinner pizza could be more healthy. I guess it makes sense because it means less food which means less calories. Is there any guideline on how thick is too thick? I usually like deep dish but would be willing to eat thinner pizza to keep it healthy. Thanks for sharing your suggestions with us! http://www.columbuspizza.ca/en/menu.html

  2. philthom4s says:

    Healthy is nice and all, but pizza also needs to taste really good. As long as it tastes really good, I don’t care whats on it!

  3. BettyJohnson says:

    It makes sense that thinner crust isn’t as many calories. Getting vegetables on it wouldn’t hurt either. One of my friends was telling me that she considers vegetables as a guilt-free addition to anything when she is trying to lose weight. Pizza doesn’t have to be considered unhealthy. http://www.victoriaspizzaguelph.com/menu.html

  4. BryceTrout says:

    So I am a huge pizza fan but I am trying to eat healthier, which is why I think this article is gold. If your telling me that I can have one of my favorite foods while I am on my diet, I am definitely going to try it out. I really hope that it tastes as good as it sounds. Thank you for sharing.

    • Peach says:

      Very positive attitude Bryce. Good for you! Veggie and ham Pizza sounds great to me, with a small sprinkling of cheese. I love thin crust anyway!! Not a Deep dish fan. I Like Crisp Pizza without all that soft bread. I think with some imagination, you can make any Pizza Rev Pizza taste great. It’s the best Pizza place out there!

      • PizzaRev says:

        Hi Peach, we appreciate your comment! With the power to Craft Your Own pizza at PizzaRev, you can definitely make any of our pizzas satisfy your taste buds.

  5. JordanBaker2 says:

    I really like that you talked about the importance of the toppings. They really do have an impact on how healthy the pizza really is. The last thing that you want to do is build a pizza full of unhealthy things. It is okay to have a couple of things that aren’t the healthiest, but you can always add a veggie or two to your pizza. http://www.oceanparkpizzawalnutgrove.ca/en/

  6. Ken schulman says:

    Lower sodium options would be great

    • PizzaRev says:

      Hi Ken, thank you for your suggestion. We are always trying to find ways to satisfy all dietary and health needs for our customers. And don’t forget to use our nutrition calculator, this can help you create a pizza with less sodium.


  8. Trisha Munsch says:

    I love a build your own veggie pizza at my local Pizza Rev! I sometimes add bacon for a little meaty flavor. Mmmmm…yummy veggies with garlic and capers then roasted in that oven…so delicious! Good thing Im going to Pizza Rev today, I’ve gotten my mouth watering just thinking about it!

  9. Richard says:

    Is the chicken free-range?

  10. Rick Kearn says:

    Love this place! One of the very few that offer vegan options! 👍

  11. I like what this article mentions about going easy on the cheese. It makes sense that cheese, being one of pizza’s main ingredients, is one of it’s biggest drawbacks. Next time I go out to eat pizza I’ll have to ask for less cheese to make sure I’m not getting too much dairy.

    • PizzaRev says:

      HI Tyler, thank you for your comment! Cheese is a definitely a favorite ingredient when it comes to pizza, that’s why we like to have healthier cheese options like reduced-fat mozzarella or vegan cheese to satisfy all dietary needs.

  12. Jane says:

    I like the idea of having a pizza under 500 calories, but according to the nutrition calculator on your site, your gluten free pizza crust is 520 calories before even the sauce is put on. Have you looked into other options? I like the taste of it, but not the amount of calories. If you do look for another gluten free pizza crust, PLEASE keep it vegan. You are the ONLY place I have found whose pizza crust is gf AND vegan. Most vegan pizza crust is not gf and rarely is the gf pizza crust vegan. Very frustrating for us.

    • PizzaRev says:

      Hi Jane, thank you for your feedback. We do not plan on changing the ingredients in our gluten free crust in the near future, but we greatly appreciate your suggestion. We understand the importance of our customers’ dietary and health needs and we are always working to find the best solutions.

  13. Jon Smith says:

    Any plan on offering whole grain dough as an option?

    • PizzaRev says:

      Hi Jon! Thank you for the feedback. We are constantly crafting up new ideas for all customer preferences. So although your nearest PizzaRev may only be serving three crust options now, there’s always a chance we may have more options to offer in the future.

  14. Sticking to lean proteins and veggies is good advice for a healthier pizza. With so many options available to customize your pizza it’s a great chance to still have the food you love while keeping it healthy as well. I would imagine that finding a combination you love that is healthy will help you be able to enjoy your meal and be able to have it more often without feeling guilty.

  15. My family and I want to go out to eat at a pizza restaurant, but I don’t want to sacrifice my healthy eating habits to do so. I know that many places allow you to customize your pizza, so I’ll be sure to keep these tips in mind. I especially like that idea of choosing lean meats and veggies for toppings.

  16. Thanks for the tips on keeping pizza healthy. My wife and I love pizza, but we are trying to eat healthier. I like that you mentioned that you should stick to lean meats and veggies as your toppings. I will try and switch over to chicken and veggies as opposed to pepperoni!

  17. I’m a big fan of pizza, but I’m starting a diet in the next few weeks. It’s good to know I can actually make slight changes to make pizza a lot healthier so that it fits into my diet. Your tip to look at getting thinner crust since it cuts out a majority of calories is definitely something I’ll try.

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