4 Ways to Turn a Gift Card into a Thoughtful Holiday Present

Nov 18, 2014 | Company News, Food, Franchising

Some think that a gift card is impersonal or lacks creativity. But a gift card can be just as personal as buying a traditional gift; it just has to be the right card for the right person.

Check out these 4 simple ways to turn a piece of plastic into a thoughtful holiday gift:

  • Consider their Hobbies – A music lover would appreciate an iTunes gift card and an avid golfer could really use a gift card to a local sporting goods store; if a gift card aligns with someone’s interests, you clearly put some thought into your purchase.
  • Include a Heartfelt Note – Sometimes there is no better gift than expressing our gratitude for the loved ones in our lives. It can be difficult to put our feeling into words, but writing them down can make it easier. Spend a few extra minutes on a hand-written note to your loved one – the enclosed gift card will be icing on the cake.
  • Feed them their Favorites – You can’t go wrong with a gift card to the local restaurant they won’t stop raving about. Best of all, most restaurants, like us, will reward you for your gift card purchases.
  • Turn it into an Experience – A gift card can be the first step towards a wonderful experience with your significant other. Perhaps a gift card to the local hardware store will jump-start that dream remodeling project you’ve been putting off or take you to a new city that you’ve always wanted to visit.

The Holidays are right around the corner. Take some pressure off this season by thinking of your gifts now, but remember that they don’t have to be extravagant in order to be meaningful. Leave a comment and tell us about the time when you turned a simple gift card into the perfect gift!


by Monica Rutkowski