The Gluten-Free Pizza Revolution

Jul 10, 2014 | Company News, Food

Whether it’s due to a gluten intolerance or a dietary preference, the gluten-free diet is becoming increasingly popular in America. According to the New York Times, more than a quarter of Americans say they are cutting down on gluten or eliminating it entirely from their diets, and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has taken note by passing labeling laws for gluten-free products.

At PizzaRev, our menu was crafted with the gluten-free movement in mind. Our crew takes special care to present a delicious pizza experience for guests looking to cut back or eliminate gluten from their diet. It all starts with our gluten-free dough, made from rice and tapioca-based flour instead of wheat. When guests choose a gluten-free crust, our pizza crafters kindly ask whether the choice is for “preference or intolerance.” If the choice was a guest preference, the pizza moves down the assembly line and is crafted and cooked the same as our original dough. But, when a guest indicates the choice was due to a gluten-intolerance, our staff initiates the first step in a *distinctly different preparation process.

First, the dough is placed directly onto a clean tin plate – this is done to help keep the pizza away from any corn meal or flour that might be present on our assembly line. As the pizza moves down the assembly line, each crew member changes their gloves in an effort to prevent accidental cross-contact with flour or corn meal. Guests can choose from three different gluten-free signature sauces, including a savory organic marinara, a spicy-sweet BBQ or olive oil. An array of artisanal cheeses and more than 30 fresh gluten-free ingredients are available to top off the perfect pizza. All ingredients that do contain gluten are clearly labeled on both the menu and the topping labels by a wheat symbol.

Each pizza is then carefully placed into our custom-built, 900-degree stone hearth oven. Gluten-free crust does take a bit longer to cook since it’s placed in the ovens on the tin plate, versus directly on the stone bed. Again, the tin plate helps to avoid any cross-contact of flour or corn meal. Not to worry, it’s still just about a 4-5 minute cooking time! Guests looking for a gluten-free meal can also opt for an entrée salad or side salad to complement their pizza. PizzaRev even offers gluten-free beer at most locations!

As you can see, gluten-free doesn’t have to mean pizza-free! Check out what our guests are saying about going gluten-free at PizzaRev:

  • “LOVE LOVE LOVE this place! I eat a gluten free diet so having the option of gluten-free crust really had me in love! They also have the option of vegan cheese which is great and so many veggies to choose from as well as meats.” – Kimberly V., North Hollywood, CA
  • “We came [to PizzaRev] with my sister in law the first time who tried the gluten-free crust. She has an allergy so has had many gluten free crusts. PizzaRev’s version was the best she’s ever had.” – Katidia H. , Los Angeles
  • “The vegan pizza gods plunked down perhaps the BEST vegan AND gluten free pizza in all of Los Angeles in Northridge.” –Nicole K., West Hollywood, CA

*PizzaRev makes a concerted effort to avoid gluten-contamination but we are unable to guarantee against cross contamination. Guests with gluten sensitivities should carefully consider dining choices.

– by Jeff Zuckerman