Craft Consciously – 4 Tips for a Healthier Pizza

Jan 9, 2017 | Company News, Food, Restaurant Openings

So you’ve decided to be more conscious about what you eat. We’re in full support! Craft consciously by using our nutrition calculator to build a healthier pizza that fits into you diet and workout plan. In fact, there are endless ways to build a PizzaRev pizza under 500 calories!

Instead of depriving yourself of a deliciously satisfying PizzaRev experience, consider these four simple tips for building a low-cal pizza.

Four Tips for Building a Low-Cal Pizza:

1. Keep It Thin – Deep dish, stuffed crust – forget about it. One slice of these thick pizzas can equal 3-4 times the calories of a thin crust slice. Choose our Signature Thin dough to keep the carbs and calories on the low.

2. Sauce It Red – Tomato sauce is always the best bet to keep your calories in check. PizzaRev’s organic tomato sauce features just 35 calories per serving – and one serving at PizzaRev is an entire, 11” personal pizza!

3. Easy on the Cheese – When you choose a thin-crust pizza, you don’t have to load on the cheese. Simply ask for ‘easy cheese’ and our crew will accommodate. You’ll still get the yummy, melty goodness without the excess calories.

4. Toppings Matter – Don’t go overboard and stick to lean proteins and veggies. If you’re craving meats, choose smoked ham or grilled chicken instead of pepperoni or Italian sausage. The good news is that you can go wild with 20+ veggie options at PizzaRev. From roasted garlic and sun-dried tomatoes to pepperoncinis and spinach, endless vegetable combinations can turn your pizza into a nutritious meal full of nutrients and flavor.

Pizza gets a bad rap and is often lumped into the fast-food or junk-food category. But by choosing a thin-crust pizza with healthier toppings, it’s easy to turn pizza a well-balanced meal. Tell us about the toppings you chose to build a healthier pizza.

 by Monica Rutkowski