Who Makes an Ideal PizzaRev Candidate?

Aug 15, 2018 | Franchising

Restaurant industry vets looking for an exciting opportunity can find it at PizzaRev!  Well positioned in the fast-casual segment, which has seen double-digit growth over the past few years, the pizza franchise is looking for experienced franchisees who share its passion for revolutionizing how America eats pizza to join the PizzaRev-oultion.

Ideal candidates should not only have experience in restaurants, but should also be excited to bring PizzaRev to their communities. PizzaRev is committed to maintaining its healthy and strategic growth, and that means partnering with franchisees who understand the demographics of their community and how to best serve them.

Franchisees and their partners should be prepared to present $300K liquidity and $750K net worth to get started, which can vary based upon landlord requirements. Additionally, ideal candidates have the ability to build out their respective markets with the right infrastructure and capital.

Meet the criteria? To join the PizzaRev-olution and receive more information about the PizzaRev franchise opportunity, fill out our brief inquiry form here.