PizzaRev Asks, “What’s Your New Year’s PizzaRes-olution?”

Jan 11, 2014 | Company News, Food

PizzaRev Introduces its January “Pizza of the Month”
The Pizza that Works with your Workout Plan!

LOS ANGELES, CA (January 9, 2014) — PizzaRev, the nation’s hottest fast-casual pizza concept, has brought back its deliciously lower-calorie “PizzaRes-olution” pizza by popular demand! “January is the perfect month to showcase the healthier options that our PizzaRev guests have when they Craft Their Own custom ‘PizzaRes-olution’ pizza,” said Irv Zuckerman Co-CEO of PizzaRev. “The idea is to keep the calories down by choosing fresh & flavorful options as you build your pizza, options like our homemade thin & crispy dough, our organic red sauce, our reduced-fat buffalo-milk mozzarella, and your favorites from our long list of fresh veggie toppings.” The PizzaRes-olution can be crafted for under 650 calories when guests select the above options for the fully customizable made-to-order pizza. Partner & COO Nicholas Eckerman further explained, “Our guests tend to live an active lifestyle and pizza hasn’t always been associated with healthfulness. We think we can help to change that perception by showcasing how our pizza can fit with healthier lifestyle choices.”


Starting with PizzaRev’s original homemade dough, guests are empowered to “Craft Your Own,” customizing a personal-sized 11” pizza by choosing favorites from a tempting menu of flavorful sauces, delicious cheeses, and over 30+ fresh toppings, all on display and assembled before your eyes in any combination for under 9 bucks. “Your idea of the perfect pizza is unique to you, so we let our guests choose whatever they’d like to add to their pizzas for one affordable price,” said Eckerman. Once crafted, your pizza is placed in PizzaRev’s state of the art open-flame stone-hearth oven, where temperatures can exceed 900 degrees, and is served piping hot in under 3 minutes. With an emphasis on quality and fast & friendly customer service, PizzaRev has earned a reputation for serving better pizza from flour to fire!