PizzaRev Earning Rave Reviews

Nov 20, 2012 | Company News, Food

“PizzaRev is revolutionizing the art of artisan pizza.” LA Foodie

“PizzaRev has launched its “PizzaRev-olution” by investing in quality, speed, and affordability for its guests.”QSR

“Game Changer”Food & Drink Magazine

“PizzaRev has taken a classic, universal staple and turned it into a fast casual “craft your own” artisanal pizza, making it the fastest growing pizza restaurant in southern California.” Valley Scene Magazine

“…kind of like the “Chipotle” of artisanal pizzas.” – Bravo TV

“With PizzaRev, you control your pizza destiny. Ask me if I’ll come again. I’ll answer with a resounding YES!”

“Side-step down the line and choose from unlimited toppings.”BlackBook

“…your pizza might get baked in less time than it takes to pick and choose from the array of toppings.”flavorpill

“We were especially impressed with the taste/texture of the gluten-free crust-nice n chewy!”The Actor’s Diet

“With more than 30 toppings, there’s something for everyone.”ZAGAT

“Choosing from the vast selection of fresh ingredients is the hardest part at PizzaRev.”idig.LA

“Three minutes later, your pie will emerge, forged in a 900-degree oven. On the way out the door, you might want to wait another three minutes and get a second pie for the ride home.” – Rundown LA

“I kid you not the truffle oil pizza was one of the best things I’ve ever tasted.” – Jimmy Brighton, Sherman Oaks/Studio City/Encino News

“Customizable pizzas cooked in minutes are quickly becoming the new hotness in Los Angeles.”LA WEEKLY

“This is a revolutionary dining experience. Pizza Rev has a two-ton fire-deck oven to bake your pizza in under three minutes. It is fast-food without compromises. I took the family there for lunch yesterday and everyone loved it!”Jen’s List