PizzaRev Sleeps Over at the Shelter

Jun 10, 2015 | Food

Since its founding in 2012, PizzaRev has donated thousands of dollars to support organizations that are committed to finding pets forever homes. On June 12, the PizzaRev’s California-based team will participate in a “Sleepover at the Shelter” event to benefit Shelter Me, Bark Avenue Foundation and the Los Angeles County Animal Care Foundation. The team is raising funds to increase adoptions of homeless pets and raise money to provide free spay-neuter to underserved communities. Anyone can support the PizzaRev team by making a donation at:

In addition to fundraising for various shelters and pet adoption causes, PizzaRev’s founding members and many of our employees have adopted pets of their own. One of our founders, Nicholas Eckerman, and the PizzaRev California team and their pets recently spent a day volunteering at Pet Orphans of Southern California in Van Nuys, CA; get an inside look at PizzaRev’s personal pet adoption stories here: