Vegan Pizza, Hand Crafted at PizzaRev

Aug 5, 2014 | Company News, Food

With three homemade dough options, five signature sauces, and more than 30 fresh ingredients, PizzaRev caters to just about any pizza lover’s palate and diet. This includes those who choose not to eat meat, eggs, dairy products or any animal-derived products. If you’re looking for a vegan pizza that’s full of bold flavors, cheesy deliciousness and fresh toppings, PizzaRev is your spot.

So what can you eat at PizzaRev if you’re choosing a vegan diet? Here’s a quick breakdown.

The Crust

PizzaRev’s crafters make pizza dough from scratch every morning. Both the original dough and double dough, as well as the gluten-free dough, are vegan.


Vegan guests can choose from three different sauces, or mix and match, to start crafting their personal 11” pizza. Savory organic tomato sauce, spicy organic tomato sauce, sweet & bold BBQ, or olive oil can serve as the base for your vegan pizza.

Vegan Cheese

PizzaRev restaurants all serve Daiya (pronounced “day-ah”) vegan cheese, one of the highest quality vegan cheeses available on the market; it is a tapioca-based cheese. All Daiya products are plant based and they are free of the top three food allergens: dairy, soy and gluten. PizzaRev chose to serve Daiya cheese because we believe it is the best-tasting dairy-free cheese available.  Daiya delivers the bubbly, stretchy gooeyness of dairy cheese – without the dairy!

Pizza Toppings

The PizzaRev toppings line includes more than 30 fresh ingredients, and approximately 17 of them are vegetables or other vegan toppings. Some of the most popular veggie toppings include tomatoes, pineapple, Kalamata olives, garlic, jalapenos, and artichoke hearts. Check out the PizzaRev menu for a full list of toppings.

Some of PizzaRev’s biggest fans are vegans who have finally ended their quest to find a delicious, dairy-free pizza. Best of all, there is no sharing required – so you can craft your own pizza just how you like it – without compromise. Check out what these vegan Yelpers have to say about PizzaRev:

  • “Yum yum yum!!!! Vegan sauce, vegan crust, vegan cheese and gluten free crust with as many toppings as you want!!!! How can you go wrong?” – Stephanie H., Studio City, CA
  • “Ah-maze-ing. I went dairy free for lent so their vegan cheese saved me from missing out on pizza for 40 days! It’s gooey, but still gives me the same satisfaction as cheese.” – Marissa M. Los Angeles, CA
  • “Thank you, PIzzaRev, for being vegan- friendly!  I was so excited to see that you have a vegan pizza as your pizza of the month.” – Liz Z. North Hollywood, CA

Have you had a vegan meal at PizzaRev? We’d love to hear your feedback – share your comments below!

– by Monica Rutkowski