PizzaRev empowers you to Craft Your Own custom personal pizza,
using only the freshest ingredients and PizzaRev's delicious homemade pizza dough.

Welcome to the PizzaRev-olution – a national movement that’s all about empowering you to “Craft Your Own!”

It’s a deliciously simple and satisfying concept: You call all the shots – You pick out your dough, sauce, cheese and toppings and our “pizza crafters” work with you to make your own pizza right before your eyes! Let’s break down the options:

  • Choose your Crust: Roman Thin or Gluten-Free dough? Each one pressed into a thin canvas from a plump, homemade dough ball.
  • Sauce it Up: Savory organic marinara, a creamy white alfredo, spicy-sweet BBQ or olive oil – or get crazy, mix ‘em up.
  • Top it Off: 30+ artisanal cheeses and fresh ingredients – keep it traditional with pepperoni and ground beef or get fancy with sweet fennel sausage, olives, and fresh-picked basil and arugula. Pick as many pizza toppings as you’d like – we don’t charge by the topping – when you’re done crafting you’ll have your own personal pizza masterpiece for one price!
  • Crispy Perfection in Less than 3 Minutes: Our stone ovens fire-up your masterpiece at 900-degrees! You can watch but can’t touch. So yeah, we dared to revolutionize the world’s most popular food. Why’d we do it? Well, we knew there was a better way. Who wouldn’t want better pizza for less? We got our start in Los Angeles in 2012, and we haven’t looked back since. Now we’re crafting across the country!

This is the PizzaRev-olution. Let’s get crafting!

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Host a Fundraiser with us, Receive 20% of Proceeds

PizzaRev is committed to making a positive impact on the communities we serve. We’ve helped local schools, sports leagues and charities raise thousands of dollars through our Fundraising Program. It’s a fun and simple way to raise funds for the cause you care about! Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Submit your information with preferred fundraiser date and 3-hour time slot.
Step 2: We confirm your date and time and send you a promotional flyer.
Step 3: Spread the word about your event.
Step 4: Host your fundraiser! Your supporters simply mention your organization at the register, we tally all receipts and donate 20% of proceeds.

Reserve A Date


Fill out the form below and a representative from our Fundraising group will contact you shortly
  • (Available at Participating Locations)
  • Please choose Mondays, Wednesdays or Thursdays. Other days will be considered on an individual basis. Submit an inquiry for more information.
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
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  • PizzaRev will not support organizations that discriminate against a person or a group on the basis of age, political affiliation, race, national origin, ethnicity, gender, disability, sexual orientation or religious belief. Additionally, we do not host fundraising events as part of campaign activity for or against political candidates or action organizations that attempt to influence legislation as a substantial part of their activities.
1Where is PizzaRev located?
More and more places every day! To see where we are, and where we’re coming soon, click here.
2Does PizzaRev deliver?
For now, we’re having too much fun crafting amazing pizzas and serving them hot and fresh-fired from our 4-ton open-flame stone-bed oven.  If you've got a larger order, though, our catering team can take care of you.
3What are PizzaRev’s hours?
Our hours vary by location, but you can see your location’s hours by looking it up here.
4How do I set up a fundraiser at my local PizzaRev?
First, that’s a great idea. We’ve got you covered with all the info you need right here.
5How do I go about starting a franchise with PizzaRev?
At PizzaRev we have a profound appreciation for great food and superior guest service and are looking for partners who share those values. Whether you are an entrepreneur looking for your first investment or a seasoned multi-unit operator looking to diversify, owning a PizzaRev could be the right fit for you. Think that sounds like you? Click here to learn more about opening up a pizza franchise and fill out our franchisee inquiry form.
6Where can I find your nutritional information?
Take our handy nutrition calculator for a spin and discover all the nutritional facts about your favorite custom pizza, salad or an entire meal.
7I’m gluten-intolerant. What are my options at PizzaRev?
Most of our menu is gluten-free! We feature a gluten-free crust, gluten-free sauce & cheese options, and lots of delicious gluten-free toppings. We also work really, really hard to avoid gluten cross-contamination, but we can’t provide a 100% guarantee.  We've shared more about our gluten-friendly philosophy here.
8Does PizzaRev have vegan pizza options?
Absolutely! We offer Daiya vegan cheese, and our gluten-free and original crust options are both vegan.  We have over a dozen veggie toppings, and our red sauce is vegan, too.  
9I have food allergies. What can I eat?
You can refer to this handy-dandy allergen guide.
10Can I make a reservation?
None needed. Come in, build your pizza, find a table, and enjoy!
11Can I bring a party to PizzaRev?
Yes, we do host parties, including fundraisers for large groups. But fyi, our tables are bolted into the ground, so be prepared to eat and mingle throughout the restaurant.
12What size pizzas can I get?
We serve 11” personal pizzas – give or take a little less or a little more, because our dough is hand-crafted – artisan-style.
13I took my leftovers home, and now they are cold; how can I get back some of that hot, crispy goodness?
We recommend that you place it directly on a frying pan. Heat on medium heat for 2-3 minutes. Have you found a better way? Tell us about it here.
14I’m a bit picky, can I bring in my own ingredients for the crafter to put on my pizza?
Sorry, but we can't accept outside food into our restaurants, it's one of those health department/legal things.
15How many slices are in a PizzaRev pizza?
Six scrumptious slices – savor each one before they’re all gonnnnnneeee!
16Can I invest in PizzaRev?
No, we're a privately held company so we aren't listed on any stock exchanges.  You can franchise, though! Click here for more information. on franchising
17I'm an interested vendor, how should I contact people at PizzaRev?
Please use our Contact Us form here.  We absolutely review all inquiries; no need to send it twice.
18I've got a media inquiry, who can I contact?
Please email us at, and our PR department will follow up with you promptly.