PizzaRev Gift Card

PizzaRev gift cards make the perfect gift for the PIZZA LOVERS in your life. Give the gift to Craft Your Own™ for holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, incentives, thank you or just to say “I’m thinking about you.”


Gift cards can be purchased at participating PizzaRev locations. Gift card values do not expire. You can check your gift card balance by visiting and entering your card number. As per California law, any gift card balance under $10 can be reimbursed as cash back. Outside of California, PizzaRev will provide cash back in accordance with local regulations. You can check your gift card balance by visiting

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I purchase a PizzaRev gift card? 

A: PizzaRev gift cards can be purchased at any participating PizzaRev location. Let your cashier know you would like a gift card, provide the amount you would like on the card and they will load the card for you.

Q: Can I order a gift card online and pick it up at my local PizzaRev location? 

A: Currently we do not offer PizzaRev gift cards online.

Q: Can I use my gift card when I order PizzaRev online?

A: Yes, for participating locations, simply select Add A Gift Card in the check out box and type in your number and unique pin from the back of the card.

Q: Where can I use my gift card?

A: At any participating PizzaRev location in the United States or for online orders at participating PizzaRev locations.

Q: What can I purchase with a PizzaRev gift card?

A: PizzaRev gift cards are good for any food or beverage purchase at participating PizzaRev locations.

Q: Can I reload my PizzaRev gift card?

A: Yes, if you would like to add value to your card, you may do so at any participating PizzaRev location.

Q: In what dollar amounts are PizzaRev gift cards available?

A: You can customize any full dollar amount you would like up to $100.

Q: Is there a limit on the amount of gift cards I can purchase?

A: No limit, but you might want to visit at an off-peak time to avoid lines.

 Q: How do I check the balance on my gift card?

A: You can check your balance using the CHECK BALANCE box at the top of this web page or at any participating PizzaRev location.

Q: Can I return a PizzaRev gift card?

A: Yes, unused gift cards can be returned to the location purchased with a valid receipt within 30 days of purchase.

Q: Who can I contact if I have questions or problems with my gift card?

A: Please email us at

Q: What happens if my PizzaRev gift card is lost, damaged or stolen?

A: Contact us at We will need the number on the gift card so we can deactivate the card. We will also need the activation code and receipt from purchase or reload.

Q: Do PizzaRev gift cards expire or is there a fee for non-use?

A: PizzaRev gift cards do not expire and there is no fee for dormancy or non-use.

Q: Can I earn Rev Reward points when I purchase a gift card?

A: Points are earned when gift cards are redeemed only, not on purchase.

Q: If my gift card is under $10 and I want cash back, where can I get it?

A: Cash outs under $10 can be done at participating PizzaRev locations.