Celebrate the Sauce

Sep 30, 2015 | Company News, Food

We’re committed to serving Better Pizza from Flour to Fire. This means using the highest quality ingredients you can find on a custom, personal pizza that’s flame-fired in just three minutes! Great pizza demands an exceptional tomato sauce, so our culinary team went on a search for growers and producers that use all-natural, organic tomatoes. Made from tomatoes grown in the San Joaquin Valley, our organic tomato sauce is the definition of a simple, healthful, and flavorful food.

It’s Harvest Time!

The California tomato harvest, which runs from early July through mid-October, brought higher crop yields this year, despite the epic drought. We are celebrating a successful 2015 tomato harvest and the ability to continue to serve high-quality organic tomato sauce to our guests.

What Makes our Tomato Sauce Organic?

  • We only use Non-GMO Tomatoes.
  • No use of harmful pesticides.
  • No use of chemical ripening agents.

What’s in the Sauce?

It’s quite simple: organic tomatoes, organic spices, sea salt, organic sugar and organic soybean oil, extra virgin olive oil. None of the harmful preservatives, artificial colors or flavors that you often find at your average pizza joint. Our organic tomato sauce is a delicious foundation for just about any pizza topping combination. Many of our guests say our sauce tastes like you’re biting into a perfectly ripe tomato, just picked from the vine!

How is this Revolutionary?

PizzaRev is committed to working with growers and producers who practice organic farming. We chose to serve an organic tomato sauce so our guests can enjoy a more flavorful product without any harmful chemicals. Organic farming also benefits the environment by reducing pollution and conserving water and soil.

Watch our video to see the story behind our sauce and tell us what you think about our organic tomato sauce!