Introducing the Sriracha Sausage Pizza

Mar 1, 2015 | Company News, Food


Sriracha sausage pizza is available at PizzaRev for a limited time.

We can’t get enough Sriracha!

The wildly popular hot sauce holds a coveted spot on our ‘Rev it Up’ station – featuring a variety of favorite seasonings and hot sauces to spice up your pizza. And now, we’ve dedicated an entire pizza to Sriracha fans!

The new Sriracha Sausage pizza at PizzaRev features our signature organic red sauce, all natural-Italian cheese, Sriracha sausage, red onion and cilantro; after the pizza is cooked to crispy perfection in our 900 degree, stone-bed oven, it’s finished off with a tangy ‘Srirancha’ drizzle.

Why the obsession?

Sriracha is made from a blend of fresh red chilis, vinegar, garlic, salt and sugar. We love that distinctly sweet and spicy taste, but it could be the physical reaction we get from eating Sriracha that keeps us coming back for more.

Red chilis include molecules called capsaicinoids; they are present in most peppers and create the heat that we taste from Sriracha. These molecules trigger a protein in our mouths that responds to spicy foods. In response to the burn, the body releases endorphins to “ease the pain.”

Whether it’s the burn of the taste buds or sweat on the brow, what’s not to love about Sriracha? Do you have another favorite hot sauce? Tell us about it and we might add it to our ‘Rev it Up’ station!