PizzaRev Gears Up to Expand Across Southern California

Jul 27, 2012 | Company News, Food

PizzaRev, a new Los Angeles-based fast-casual artisanal pizza concept from music industry moguls Irv Zuckerman and Rodney Eckerman, is on track to expand across Los Angeles County in the coming months.

The duo quietly opened PizzaRev Northridge in early April as an incubator “test kitchen” for the brand, and has watched the concept become a fast favorite among L.A. pizza lovers. Now, PizzaRev is poised to take the rest of Southern California by storm, gearing up to open several locations this year and next.

A grand debut will take place this fall on Studio City’s Ventura Boulevard at Laurel Canyon, as PizzaRev becomes the latest addition to Studio City’s emerging “Restaurant Row.” More locations throughout L.A. will be announced soon.

Anticipating the rapid expansion of fast-casual restaurants and an ensuing pizza craze, the PizzaRev concept is backed by longtime business associates Irv Zuckerman and Rodney Eckerman. They previously served as co-CEO’s of Clear Channel Music, which was later acquired and became a part of Live Nation.

At the time, Clear Channel Music had gross revenues of over 1.4 billion that included more than 100 million in revenues generated from food and beverage sales.

Before joining Clear Channel, Zuckerman co-founded Contemporary Productions in St. Louis, Missouri, and Eckerman previously served as president and COO of Pace Music and COO of SFX Music.

Zuckerman and Eckerman opened the first location of PizzaRev in Northridge, California, to tap into the college town’s vibrancy and built-in audience of students and locals. With PizzaRev, they have crafted a new fast-casual, artisanal pizza concept that is revolutionizing the pizza industry one pie at a time.

The value-oriented “Chipotle-style” concept features a price point that is among the most competitive in the market, with guests invited to mix-and-match without limit from a vast selection of fresh ingredients for an all-inclusive price less than $8.

Each personally designed, custom-crafted artisanal pizza is served fast and fresh, with a light, crispy thin-crust. PizzaRev’s state-of the-art, 2.5-ton open-flame oven can reach temperatures nearing 1,000°, enabling guests to create and enjoy completely customizable pizzas in under three minutes.

A design of stainless steel, wood, and glass lends a contemporary feel that is a bit industrial, cleverly simplistic and comfortable for all.

The PizzaRev experience begins with its signature, Roman-style thin crust featuring an original dough recipe, handmade daily on-site (gluten-free crust also available.) Guests then have a choice between an organic California-tomato red sauce, a creamy Parmesan white sauce, or a spicy-sweet BBQ sauce, followed by a choice of creamy cheeses including premium Mozzarella made with a kiss of buffalo milk, Ricotta, Feta, bleu, and vegan cheese.

Unlimited toppings include a choice of three styles of pepperoni, seasoned crumbled meatball, and fennel sausage, among others, as well as more than 20 fresh veggie toppings including arugula, roasted garlic, kalamata olives and capers.

A dessert pizza made with melted butter, cinnamon, and sugary frosting is topped with a choice of chocolate, raspberry, and caramel finishing sauces, delivering a sweet end to a delicious meal.