PizzaRev Partners with Cleveland Avenue

Jan 22, 2018 | Company News, Franchising

A leader in the build-your-own pizza sector, PizzaRev is well positioned in the fast-casual segment, the strongest restaurant category seeing double-digit growth for the last few years. And recently, PizzaRev joined forces with Cleveland Avenue to further their vision into new markets.

Seeking to grow PizzaRev into the internationally recognized leader of the faster, healthier pizza movement, Cleveland Avenue, LLC, a Chicago-based accelerator that strategically invests in innovative, consumer-focused restaurant, food and beverage concepts, became a strategic partner and majority investor in the brand.

Under the helpful guidance of Cleveland Avenue, PizzaRev is ready to amplify what already has become a California sensation. The artisanal pizza concept serves fresh-pressed homemade dough, locally sourced ingredients, all-natural cheeses and vegan and gluten-free options offers unprecedented speed of service due largely in part to its custom-built 900-degree stone-bed oven.

Expanding upon the current menu items, 2018 will introduce new favorites, such as chicken wings, and a new restaurant design that will focus on beverage innovation, such as a self-pour “beer wall” with up to 18 different taps. The new design was recently introduced in Nashville, Las Vegas and Fort Collins, CO and fans are already showing their appreciation.

PizzaRev is currently franchising and the brand operates more than 45 locations in the United States and Mexico.

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