PizzaRev: Pizza is on Fire!!

Jan 11, 2014 | Company News, Food

LOS ANGELES, CA (January 10, 2014) – Pizza has become the hottest of the hottest when it comes to the fast-casual customized space. As one of the major players in this space, PizzaRev has been asked about the recent news of the entry of Chipotle into pizza. Jane Wells of CNBC’s Squawk Street” featured a story on Chipotle and Buffalo Wild Wings and others getting into the customized pizza space and the potential head to head match up with Pizzeria Locale and PizzaRev competing in the future. “We are excited to see further validation in the customized pizza segment from one of the most successful fast casual restaurant operators,” Irv Zuckerman Co-CEO of PizzaRev, has said previously.


“It has become clear that the marketplace is ready for a seismic change in the way pizza is being served. The customized “craft your own” pizza that is our mantra will continue to grow exponentially as pizza becomes even more popular and accessible because of the great new ovens and the speed of the cooking process,” Zuckerman added. “The points of difference from restaurant chain to restaurant chain will become evident as time goes on,” Nicholas Eckerman COO of PizzaRev noted. “We believe rising tides will lift all boats for a while, but eventually the quality of ingredients, service, build out, atmosphere, and overall experience will separate winners from losers. PizzaRev, along with our partner, Buffalo Wild Wings, are committed to being best of breed in this space and intend on opening corporate and franchise units to support this growing and exciting fast casual opportunity for pizza.”

In under 20 months PizzaRev has opened six corporate units in the Los Angeles area with a 7th in Van Nuys opening next month, and they will more than double that number to the area in 2014, as well as adding franchising to the portfolio with franchise partner announcements coming soon. We intend on growing our business strategically in targeted markets with an eye toward securing the best franchise partners who maintain the same passion and level of excitement for PizzaRev that we do,” Zuckerman added.