What’s the Difference in our Pizza Cheese?

Mar 27, 2015 | Company News, Food


Better pizza demands the best pizza cheese around. We searched far and wide for the perfect cheese to top off our Roman-style thin and crispy pizzas, and Bacio® premium Italian cheese won the taste test.

Bacio is the highest-grade cheese produced by the world’s largest mozzarella cheese producer, Leprino. Staying true to its namesake, the Italian term for kiss, Bacio is 100% natural and crafted with premium, Grade A milk with a signature Kiss of Buffalo Milk™. 

What’s a Kiss of Buffalo Milk™?

The pizza cheese is actually a blend of cow’s milk and a hint of buffalo milk (milk from water buffalo, not to be confused with American Bison.) The added buffalo milk offers a richer and creamier taste and texture, giving our cheese that distinctive stretch.

We receive our Italian cheese in blocks and shred it in-house daily. This means none of those additives that are typically found in pre-shredded cheese.