An Entire Pizza Under 500 Calories?

Dec 3, 2014 | Company News, Food

We’ve made it super easy to get the skinny on what’s in your PizzaRev pizza. Are you looking to build a pizza under 500 calories? Cutting out gluten in your diet? What about decreasing your sugar intake? All the information is at your fingertips via our nutrition portal.

The interactive nutrition calculator and nutrition menu adjust in real time as you build your custom pizza and salad. Each time you add or remove an item, you see how it impacts the nutritional makeup of your meal. Pull it up on your phone while at PizzaRev and get all the food facts you need on the fly – it’s that simple!

And because nutritional transparency is just as important to us as providing a healthful and tasty pizza, our culinary team is always on the hunt for locally sourced veggies and artisanal meats and cheeses. Our original dough is homemade daily and proofed for 24 hours and organic red sauce and all-natural Italian cheese are among our staple ingredients. It’s what the better pizza revolution is all about!

 by Monica Rutkowski